Are you Grossman Marketing or Premier Marketing Group? 

In January 2017, Grossman Marketing Group (GMG) of Somerville, Massachusetts purchased Premier Marketing Group (PMG) and retained its employees here in Manchester, Maine. Our office runs mostly as its own business day-to-day but our payment processing and billing comes from our parent company, GMG. 


Do I need to write my payments to GMG?

No, you can still pay Premier Marketing Group. However, if you charge a purchase on a card, your credit card statement will show Grossman Marketing as the recipient of the funds. 


What happened to Atkins Printing? 

Atkins Printing was purchased by one of the owners of PMG in 2013 and moved to our offices in Manchester Maine. Atkins Printing was blended in the with PMG around the time of us joining GMG so it is now fully a part of PMG. 


How do you identify your tie to Grossman Marketing? 

Our complete name is "Premier Marketing Group, A Division of Grossman Marketing Group". That's a real "mouthful" so we usually just refer to ourselves as we have for more than 25 years, as Premier Marketing Group.